Somen 2019

-Tomato 6.50 EUR

-Misodare 7 EUR

-Classic 6.50 EUR

Anmitsu  *summer only

*fruits with rice flour dumplings & agar

6.50 EUR



Japanese sweet drink made from sake lees


available till 31.01

Japanese new year soup "Ozoni"


available till 31.01


rice flower dumpling/rice cake in sweet bean soup

6.00EUR *in winter only

Japanese summer noodle "somen"

with soy milk&sesame sauce

6.70 EUR *in summer only

Children's day cake (05.05)

Strawberry shortcake

15cm 26 EUR

18cm 29 EUR

*reservation required by 03.05(thu)

Chocolat chaud

*Parisien hot chocolate until 28.02


Acai bowl

6.50 EUR


acai smoothie,muesli,fresh fruits


Melcher's Honey

125g 2.90 EUR


 40g 1.20 EUR


Honey from the region



Antique & second hand market

now open daily in my small drawer

Assorted cookies

9.00 EUR (300g)


We prepare refreshment at business meeting, events or cookies as a gift.

(300g is for 5-6 persons.)

About quantity and price, please fell free to contact us.